last summer days in Britanny, last bra-less

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Teen nudist
Real Nude Beach TV Report
Teen nudist
Real Nude Beach TV Report
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Title: last summer days in Britanny, last bra-less

Description: Got to spend a few days at Sandals Whitehouse in Jamaica. Lots of Europeans there, so got to observe some bare-breasted damsels which is always a handle for us Yankees! Wifey wouldn't approve of me taking pictures, so had to snap these swift out of our motel apartment window. The quality is not the hottest because I didn't have a zoom lens, so I had to whip in closer using my computer. Expect you still love. This chick was braless everyday on the strand. Would even walk back and forward to her motel apartment sans bra. The only time a eyed her with her top on was at lunch one day. She was totally open and always suggested a massive sneer to everyone passing by. I dream all dolls were this certain! From what I could tell, I think she was from France. This is part two of two.
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